How To Distress Wood Furniture At Home

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How To Distress Wood Furniture Bedroom

How to distress wood furniture – Shabby Chic decor is known for its use of faded roses, soft pastel colors and white, distressed wood furniture. And it’s easy to do. Clean your furniture with a detergent or trisodium. Wipe furniture down with warm water to remove any remaining cleaner. Remove hardware, When several elements are involved, mark each piece for easier mounting.

How to distress wood furniture diy?

Using a mouse sander for large rooms and a hand sander for small areas. When sanding is completed, wipe furniture with a tack cloth to remove dust. Apply primer to your furniture with a brush or a small roller. Paint your furniture with a primer seals wood and prepare it for painting. Choose a water-based primer to facilitate cleaning. Let it dry.

Apply two thin coats of white or off-white water-based paint in an eggshell finish. Apply paint with a brush or a small roller. Thin layers of paint dry faster and avoid drips and runs. Sand finish. Use 80-grit sandpaper to sand furniture edges, crevices and curves to expose raw wood. Technique provides a chipped, well-worn look. Use a tack cloth to thoroughly dry sand residues. Apply a layer of wax paste for beauty of finish and to protect tree. Re-install hardware. How to distress wood furniture? It’s easy to do!How to distress wood furniture,

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