How To Design Beach Themed Coffee Table

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Beach Themed Coffee Table – The important thing is to let the imagination go. If you enjoy a home on the coast or you want to put a nautical accent in your living area, decorating the coffee table with this theme may be a good choice and these ideas can serve to inspire you. A lacquered wooden table in white is the canvas on which we will propose two approaches to nautical style.

In this first proposal stands a vase with white gerberas and branches stained blue, playing with the two colors that most identify the style sailor and giving height and volume. A lantern with details of tow rope gives light in the envelope of the beach themed coffee table that is completed with a collection of conchs and a natural sponge. Under the glass envelope of the table, we have placed a tray, also blue and white, with candles. A trunk of the sea along with small shells recreate the walks along the shore of the beach.

A lantern in blue, placed on the floor next to the table gives volume and visibility to the whole composition. A beach themed coffee table with a maritime character gives us a relaxed atmosphere, invites to rest and evokes pleasant moments by the sea. A second option with the same nautical theme, also using the same coffee table in lacquered wood in white with the glass envelope.

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