How to Convert a Chest Of Drawers 36 Bathroom Vanity

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36 bathroom vanity is considered as the good part for your bathroom in the more aesthetic touch for modern bathroom appearance which looks stylish. If a chest of drawers is of good quality and the correct height, make it a toilet is something that can be done without too many problems. Note that it is easier to start with a comfortable about 36 inches high. You can add undoubtedly a few inches to the base, but it is difficult to cut a comfortable without doing much work. Plumbing pipes need to be hidden inside the cavity of the toilet, as an option. However, maybe you can use a wall cavity behind the dresser, if you plan well your design.


1. 36 bathroom vanity with choosing a comfortable of good quality. Use a finding of a market that is old, if possible, to give the bathroom an aspect upscale. Converts an oak dresser or one made ​​of cedar, and other options. Begins with a cabinet that is at least 36 inches (91.4 cm) wide. Converts a dresser drawer dresser type it even wider, if possible, so you have more space on the countertop.

2. Choose a sink that goes well in the bathroom. Choose one of bowl type, which rests on top of the dresser, for example. Plans to cut a site of attachment to the surface to a standard sink, as another option.

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3. Plan the space of wall around the dresser with 36 bathroom vanity ideas. Build a space open if the dresser is not wide enough to fill a spot on the wall.

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