How To Care Velvet Pouf Ottoman

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Velvet Pouf Ottoman – The sofas are that piece of the house that brings us many down the street of bitterness as far as cleanliness is concerned. When we buy them in the store are so beautiful and are so clean that when you get home doubts whether to put them on or not and of course before the first stain all are doubts since the cleaning of the sofas can turn into a nightmare if not does well.

Things you should look is

First, check the label on the chair to see what type of velvet is: If it is acetate, rayon or silk, your velvet pouf ottoman is too delicate for a home cleaning, have a professional clean it. (If there is no label, you can detect this type of velvet by its thickness and softness when compared to other velvet samples.) If the velvet is made of cotton or polyester, the careful application of shop-bought upholstery cleaner, such as Woolite or Bissell, should work.

Before using any chemical on the material,

Try it on a discrete section of the fabric to ensure that the process will not affect the dye or thickness. Use a soft sponge to avoid damage to the fabric. Once clean, expect your velvet pouf ottoman to slide by vacuuming regularly and brushing the fabric in the direction of the fabric.

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