How To Build A Vinyl Split Rail Fence

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How To Build A Vinyl Split Rail Fence – A split rail fence is one of the easiest fences to build on their own. Here some instruction to build vinyl split rail fence for your yard. Use string and some activities to mark the ground where you will build the vinyl split rail fence. To ensure that the fence will be on your side of the property line. Take the time to measure out where each post will go in advance by measuring the length of the fence. Then divide by the set length of the rails.

Precut all the rails and services for your vinyl split rail fence. This will involve drilling the holes at the top and bottom of the post. You will need to cut out posts where the holes do not go completely through the mail, corner posts. Where the holes are form at right angles from each other and the line stations. Where the holes go all the way through. All post holes with a post hole digger to about a third of the post will be in the ground. The post should be set in the ground less than a foot below where the lower rail will connect. Give yourself an extra 6 inches to pour sand or gravel in the bottom of the hole.

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Install your posts for the vinyl split rail fence, which begins with the end posts. Line up each post vertically with the help of a string and a level between the posts. When you pack extra land back to the post holes, you can continue to make minor adjustments to ensure that the services are plumb. Map rails to the posts. If a post hole is not big enough to accommodate a rail, straight end of the rail down with a razor or sharp knife before attempting to drill a larger hole in the post.

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