Gray Bathroom Vanity or Other Colors

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Gray bathroom vanity offers versatile look in your bathroom for contemporary room style for eye-pleasing room appearance. Options warm tone will make the room more attractive bathroom and can serve as the main color explosion in space. For example, a yellow toilet in a bathroom decorated with black or gray will make you excited to get ready every morning; an orange rose in a bath of terracotta is a classy adding color and orange hue will help you improve your concentration so you can get your hair and makeup just right.


Different with gray bathroom vanity, if your bathroom is painted with shades of beige or white, a white toilet but monochromatic added a remarkable piece of furniture for the space. A white bathroom adorned with a black dresser is a classic addition to the bathroom, especially when mirror adjustment handles or drawer silver are added.

Metal Shutters

A vanity, separate from the wall and painted gold or bronze, gives an air of royalty to your bathroom and give you a bath brown or tan a touch of color that is pleasing to the eye. Different with gray bathroom vanity, metal vanities are also ideal if you have decorated the bathroom with jewel tones like ruby ​​red or eggplant; adding synthetic gems around the vanity mirror in these colors gives the furniture a regal air.

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