Good Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

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Reclaimed wood wall panels – Wall panels can be an attractive option for some homeowners. However, if you do not care about the appearance of the wall panels, or if yours are excessively damaged or stained, understand that you are not stuck with them. You can replace wall panels with a plaster finish. You have the option of knocking down the wall panels with a lever, but this is not necessary. Instead, you can simply install the plaster on the top wall panels.

Reclaimed wood wall panels, use 5/8-inch thick sheets of gypsum to cover the wall panels. Purchase sheets that are 48 to 54 inches wide. Take measurements of all walls, taking note of where the wooden posts are. You can find wooden posts with an electronic stud finder.

Reclaimed wood wall panels, mark the wall locations of posts on the drywall. Some of the leaves may need to be cut. Gets a straight line using a square and utility knife to make cuts. Place each cast of the sheet in place against the walls. Add at least five screws per wall to secure the drywall against the wall panels. Keep securing the drywall sheets up to cover the entire wall in drywall, rather than panels.

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