Full Size Loft Bed with Desk or Other Style Bed for Small Room

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Loft Bed

A full size loft bed with desk or shelf space underneath opens instantly in a small room. Even a room with a low ceiling can accommodate a loft bed mounted on a base cabinet, which can be opened in a dresser with a mirror or a table with a wheeled base. With a high ceiling, you can create a complete office under the bed. Alternatively, you can create a home theater with low or ottomans seat. A really small room may not have room for anything other curtains in the loft.

Platform Bed with Drawers

Replacement of  full size loft bed with deskA, simple accessories and storage spaces are the keys to make a small room appear larger without sacrificing function. Place a single bed over a drawer base built against a wall. Place a reading lamp with flexible rod on the wall beside the bed.

Murphy Bed

Place a Murphy bed not same with full size loft bed with desk against a wall and surround it on both sides with bookshelves and custom cabinets, but simple and cheap, from floor to ceiling. Clear wood finish or white paint on the retractable bed “increase” the room. Hanging display shelves in a closet can be used to store folded clothes instead of a dresser.

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