Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light and Other Placement

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Flush mount ceiling fan with light –┬áCeiling installation requires the use of an electrical box. You have two main options; metal and plastic boxes that mount directly onto the bolt with nails or screws and hanging boxes that are mounted between the uprights. Pendant boxes using a metal rod that screws or bolts on two adjacent lugs. The electrical panel is bolted directly to the hanger bar.


The biggest problem with a ceiling fan presents happens with tall people or beds of high standing. Nobody wants to bang his head on the flush mount ceiling fan with light. Normally the ceiling fan is placed in the center of a room. However, the rooms at odd shaped or odd designs change your options for location. The best location will be centered on the bed at the foot of the bed. The location provides airflow to sleep while the air flow to the rest of the room occurs.

Additional Options

Placing a bar heavy duty suspension with a box of bolt-on ceiling provides greater stability for the flush mount ceiling fan with light. Most pendant boxes or stud mounted flexible boxes, making the ceiling fan to appear to bounce when operating. A bar heavy duty suspension acts as a stallion allowing less bending.

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