Floor Lamp with Shelves Ideas

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The way you plan to use the surface of your desk floor lamp with shelves has an important role in determining the proper height for shelves above it. A desk to read and write letters may need only a few inches away. Desktops computers, which can hold monitors are more than a foot high, need extra distance. The lighting under the shelves or a floor lamp increases the need for space under the shelf. Another factor in determining the height of a shelf on a desk is how often needed to access items that are on the shelf.

If the floor lamp with shelves are used to display decorative items or items of stores that do not use frequently, may be higher than the shelves to which you want to access from a seated position on the desktop. If there is enough space between your desk and the wall, you can mount wall shelves in a lower position. However, large items on the desktop must be moved to reach the wall shelves behind them. A solution to the different uses of a desk and a lack of standard height of the shelves is adjustable shelving. The wall shelves attached to wall brackets are easy to get on and off based on the items.

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