Excellent Brick and Wood Fence

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Brick and wood fence – Bricks, concrete blocks and stone pavers are building materials that allow us to make numerous decorative. And also practical creations for our garden. In many cases we will not even need to use cement to join them so that their use is within reach of any gardener.  With stone pavers we can make rustic-looking borders that will be perfectly delimited and separated from lawn. By simply digging a small ditch around edge. And we can accommodate a line of pavers in a horizontal position. And others placed vertically at 90 °. A hoe, a mallet and a piece of wood will be all tools we need.

In same way we can use brick and wood fence place this time at an angle to form a very decorative line. In beds of cultivation we can use bricks to delimit zones of different cultures. Apart from esthetic this work is very practical. Because we will have an area of passage between crops and we will not step on them.

With stones cut of rectangular form we can dare with construction with dry stone. Does not need any element of adhesion. Because only with its own weight and correct placement will be keep in its place. An ornamental center with brick and wood fence will be an excellent focal point to give interest to a part of garden that is too monotonous.

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