Dry Carpet of Industrial Ceiling Fans

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Industrial ceiling fans – Cleaning carpets can be a daunting task due to the preparation needed to access the carpet and the number of hours or days it takes for the carpet to dry for to reposition the furniture in the room. Place furniture on a wet carpet can damage the metal or wood furniture and cause rust or stain wood stain the carpet. Industrial fans are high-powered fans that push the air on the carpet to accelerate the rate at which the carpet is completely dry.


Place the dryer on the Carpet and plug of industrial ceiling fans. If the room is very large, you should use more of a dryer to dry the carpet completely.

Directs the fan toward the center of the wet carpet industrial ceiling fans. Set the fan to emit the air horizontally on the surface; if tilted, will not work. Some devices have a stand or a knob to adjust the position of the fan. If you use many fans at a time, place them in different areas of the room to maximize the effect. Move the fan every couple of hours to not sink the carpet and can dry evenly.

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