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DIY corner desk – A corner is an ideal place for the area working . Not interfere with traffic around the room and your view does not allow distracted. Despite this, the triangular desks are not as easy to find as rectangular. Fortunately, you can produce a triangular desk in an afternoon, more than a few hours for the paint to dry.


Prepare The Wood

Cut the plywood boards the correct dimensions DIY corner desk. Cut a diagonal plate for two triangles. Place a triangle on one side. You will not be using, but you might want to keep in case of errors. Lija all sides of the timber until they are sufficiently smooth to prevent splinters.

Arm Your Desktop

Place the two square pieces of wood 30 inches (76 cm) L-shaped, with an adjacent end of another square. Glue them in place. Reinforced by a line 8 evenly spaced nails. Let dry. Triangles positioned above the plywood L. The outer edges of the square timber should be level with the straight edges of the triangles. Glue them in place. Line reinforced with eight equally over each square nails spaced plywood. Let dry DIY corner desk.

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