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Bamboo Fencing Rolls are made in the same way as wood privacy fence, but it is much easier. Unlike wooden fences, requiring digging in the ground and anchoring the fence, the fence is pressed bamboo directly in the ground. The pieces have short legs sinking slightly into the ground when you apply force to the top of the fence. The panels fit side by side, making it possible to cover a small area or a large farm. For a more decorative look, choose panels with lattice along the top.

Bamboo is a plant, a grass actually, that have thick and woody stems. The stem material is so strong that bamboo is an ideal building material. Throughout the world, bamboo is used for ceilings, walls, furniture, bikes and even fencing. A well-made Bamboo Fencing Rolls can last for many years with little or no maintenance. Proper preparation, good post position and strong bamboo fence prepares for strong winds and bad weather.


Measure the line of your fence with measuring tape. Select the row with the landscape’s color. Divide the line into 6-foot sections. A post will be established every 6 meters along the Bamboo Fencing Rolls. Peel the bark of your bamboo posts. Stain pillars dark brown with a waterproofing stain. Pound, a 4-foot piece of rebar halfway into the ground every 6 meters. Slide the bamboo pieces of rebar. Drill 1/2 inch hole in each part of the 11 1/2 inch diameter bamboo 2 meters from the top and bottom. Tie the rebar to end post using cable ties.

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