Decorating Wood Plank Wall Paneling

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Wood plank wall paneling gives the room an almost immediate rustic quality, which makes you feel almost as if you were in a cabin by a lake. Wood paneling is also a suitable fix for walls that have noticeable defects or damage to them because they cover up these issues more fully than color. However, this is not the only option.


Choose a different primary color of the room to use as another component of your color scheme. Your color scheme already contains golden brown or honey-colored wood plank wall paneling as one of the main colors. Choose any color you want; it does not matter if it is countered or complement wood shade. For example, if you want an earthy look to the room, choose green or brown.

Select the main piece of furniture, such as a desk and sofa, this furniture match one of the two main colors in decorating scheme. Select secondary furniture such as coffee tables, accent tables, and other objects in one of your two decorative colors.

The room should have a balance between the two colors you selected for wood plank wall paneling. Select a third color for your color scheme for helping to unite the brown and golden tones of wood with the third color. For example, if you choose to go green with wood tones, choose orange or red to contrast the two earth colors.

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