Decorate with Grey Wash Coffee Table

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Grey wash coffee table – Driftwood washes on the beaches every day, full of unusual colors and textures. The movement of the water lapping against the wood, combined with exposure to sea air turns the wood a muted shade of gray. Decorate around a driftwood coffee table means picking the right colors and textures for your other decorations.

Designers often use larger pieces of driftwood as a base for a table with a large round or rectangular piece of glass on top. You can also find designs with a wooden board attached to driftwood. Paint the walls a neutral color, such as tan or cream. The neutral colors of the wall to pick up the nuances of driftwood without weighing room. If you have a grey wash coffee table, walls select the table. Consider using shades of light blue and green in contrast to the neutral colors. The lighter shades mimic the colors found in the sea, creating a natural look in the space.

Bring in new furniture to match or complement the new wall color. A cream-colored sofa with tan chairs mimic the neutral colors of driftwood. The lighter colors mimic the shades available on the beach, where driftwood washes up. Arrange a few colorful cushions around the sofa and chairs around the grey wash coffee table.

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