Cheap Modern Coffee Tables Decor

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Cheap modern coffee tables – Pallets, wicker baskets, boxes … if you have any of these items nearby, do not throw it away! Combining it in the right way with other elements and with a paint job you can get really incredible results , do you dare to try? Prepare your tools and paintings; here come the best ideas to make your original coffee tables!

Original cheap modern coffee tables with wicker baskets: for spaces of rustic or Nordic inspiration, create original coffee tables with wicker baskets that will also serve as an extra storage . Make 4 baskets of wicker and attach them to each other by the base, so that the opening is outwards. Place a piece of glass on them, so you can leave your books or drinks and go! In the openings of the baskets you can store all kinds of objects, from magazines to blankets.

Cheap modern coffee tables of different heights: your salon is a few meters? Center tables of different heights can become the perfect auxiliary furniture for your home. When you do not need them, you can keep them coupled under the larger one and make use of them when you receive visits.

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