Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Today’s post talking about chalk paint kitchen cabinets. Repaint furniture to give them a second chance in our contemporary interiors is an activity increasingly common. One would be happy if adonnerait work, home and children we left time. But more often, it remains in draft form. Rejoice: miracle paint that skips long and tedious steps of stripping and sanding there. It’s an American (Annie Sloan) who has developed and it is a painting in chalk so called Chalk Paint.

Beauty with chalk paint kitchen cabinets is that it adheres to almost everything, be it wood, melamine, metal, stone and even wax on old furniture. And overjoyed, you do not even need to strip or surface preparation. So it saves a lot of time.

Chalk paint kitchen cabinets works wonders on kitchen cabinets

Wooden desks and even old metal boxes. In short, this is perfect paint for your projects. This chalk-based paint, water soluble, can be placed on a variety of media. One could even ask about varnish and wax according to manufacturer. It comes in 30 colors. Subtle colors are perfect to makeover furniture charm as widely-used swatch that inspired dyed XVIII. There is added a range of tinted wax to make all possible effects.

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