Chain Link Fence Extension Tools

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Chain Link Fence Extension is one of the most popular fencing options for safety and commercial fencing options. Due to the many options that have recently been introduced in the housing chain fence, these fencing are installed in many residential areas around the country. For those who choose to install this type of fence themselves, some tools are needed to install Chain Link Fence Extension.

Post Hole Digger

A post whole digger has two shovels mounted at the upper arms of the shovels that create a turning point. A handle on each spade controls spades. Pushing the handles against each other opens shovels up, while spreading the handles apart from closing spades. Using this tool makes a straight hole that is not much bigger than the post itself and takes less time to dig the holes than with a spade.

This is a tool that pounds the posts in the ground. This is important to ensure the posts in the ground before adding concrete, to prevent the posts from moving. This mechanism causes the top sleeve to be crushed against the bottom sleeve to drive the ground into the ground.

A wrench and socket set needed to attach chain link fence to the posts. Post clamps attach a metal rod that distributes the tension across the width of the fence, making it easier to keep straight. Using one level ensures that services are straight up and down. This is called solo. If the posts are not allowed, the chain link does not properly fix the posts and weakens the Chain Link Fence Extension.

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