Ceiling Fan with Chandelier Ideas

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Ceiling fan with chandelier should be listed in your plan especially if you dream so much for best comfortable home with good atmosphere in it. A chandelier can be heavier than a ceiling fan. So, to get the look you want and desire without any problems mean you have to use an electrical box that can support the weight. A visit to the local hardware store will be the first step in the installation of the candlestick on a ceiling fan site. Because of the many styles and brands available, you must choose the right lamp.


1. Turn off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box in the basement or utility room. Place the ladder on the ceiling fan with chandelier site. Take the new bracket fan housing and rotate until the shorter length. Put the key in the hole and place it on the roof. Turn on up until it is pressed firmly against the rafters. Secure with an adjustable wrench.

2. Remove the knockout plug out of the electrical box with a screwdriver and if doesn’t have a connector, add one to the knockout hole. Pull 6 inches cable in the box and secure it. Place the U-bolt clamp on the fan. Place the mounting flange on the U-bolt and tighten with the supplied nuts and an adjustable wrench.

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