California Chain Link Fence Design

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California chain link fence – A chain link fence is an ideal fence, but does not require a strong fence or a visual barrier. Installing a chain link fence is similar to installing any fences. Only the last part of the installation where you attach chain link material to the posts is significantly different from other fence installations.

Create a layout of your California chain link fence using stakes and string. When your space a terminal position, an end corner or gate post, place the stake in the ground about 3 meters away from where you want the actual position to go. This will let you dig post holes without having to remove the string. Place stakes in the ground along the string line for line positions when you have all the terminal positions staked. You should evenly space line positions, but then no more than 10 meters from any other position.

Ideas for install a California chain link fence, digging holes for the terminal positions using a post whole digger. Make holes 6 inches wide and 30 inches deep. Use a shovel to bell bottom of the hole so that the bottom is slightly wider than the top. Fill one of the holes with concrete, up to about 2 inches from the top of the hole.  Place the post in the concrete and push it down until the chalk mark is even with the soil surface. Place a level on the side of the post and adjust it until the position is completely level. Prepare the post to keep it level while the concrete sets. Repeat for each terminal post.

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