Build a Sauder Desk Elegant Cornerstone

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Sauder desk – Select work area that is at least twice the size of the assembled piece. During the assembly process, the furnishings are in the ground and be moved, turned and turned so you can install all hardware included. The work area must be large enough to accommodate the furniture. Insert the steel removable mounting pins into the appropriate holes. These pins are typically installed at the bottom of the desktop. Insert the removable attachments quarter size or cam locks in large pre-drilled holes. These accessories plastic and metal slide easily into the pre-routed holes are positioned to align with detachable mounting pins.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the main structural pieces of furniture. For a Sauder desk that includes the two sides and the top of the desktop. For a shelf that includes the top shelf, bottom and two vertical sides part.

Roll over furniture so that your back is up. Each piece of Sauder desk thick pressed board includes a 1/16-inch serving as back piece of furniture. This slim manufactured part provides strength and stability to the furniture. Secure the back piece to the back of the furniture to hammer in nails included. Install the corresponding shells drawers and furniture.

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