Bamboo Fence Trellises Ideas

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Bamboo Fence – Bamboo has been used for all kinds of projects since ancient times in Chinese culture. Fast-growing and abundant, bamboo is an inexpensive option for many garden construction projects. Bamboo Fence provides excellent support for all types of climbing vines. These easily build trellis is sturdy enough for heavy perennial plants and light enough to be easily moved for annuals. Bamboo is a renewable resource that you can feel good about using in your own backyard green space.


Form context of trellis by putting two of the 8-foot bamboo poles parallel with each about 5.5 meters apart. Cut four pieces of string about 12 inches long and winding terminals where they meet in a crisscrossed pattern and tie string in a simple knot. Trim any excess cord with scissors. Fifth frame over and set the remaining five 8-foot sections of 6 feet poles so that they are placed equally between the parallel 8-foot sides of the frame.

Slide the seven remaining 6-foot bamboo poles in place by weaving them above and below the 8-foot posts and position them so that they are evenly distributed between the parallel 6-foot sides of the frame. Cut sections 14 of string 12 inches long. Cut several 12-inch lengths of string, wrap and knot poles in each location where they cross. This will make the trellis robust enough for even very heavy vine. Prop trellis against the Bamboo Fence and weaving vines between poles to promote climbing.

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