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Vinyl fence parts– Form follows function is an architect maximize. And that is certainly true in fence design. Purpose of fence will influence or dictate design and style. Privacy fences must be tall and solid. Security fence must also be high, but should be of strong material and provide visibility from outside. Ornamental fences can be shorter, with decorative panels or attractive design.

Chain link is choice for maximum security.

It is shape of wire woven into squares diagonally and install on metal poles. It can be from 4 to 12 or more feet high. And also it can be fill with barbed wire or “no climb” tops diagonally into face and deter entry. For a home security fence, chain link decorate with privacy slats. Or posts in various colors and patterns, or use fence cover in colorĀ vinyl fence parts

Look for special materials for a different style. Bamboo makes good screening; it is high, durable and attractive and is generally attach to panels with any type of cable. Make low garden or walkway fence by stacking bricks in an alternating weave pattern, secure joints with mortar. Consider vinyl fence parts on cost and low maintenance costs are goals. Vinyl is cheaper than some other materials. Easy to install and are available in various designs and colors to resemble wooden pickets or boards. It is rot-proof and durable, but can attract mold in humid conditions.

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