Attractive Design Ideas for Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

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The wall mounted jewelry organizer can help you store your fashion accessories without having to worry about space or damage. Unlike the regular organizer, this wall mounted way is effective. It provides quick access for you to store and to get the accessories in no time. When you have the regular organizer (the one kept inside the drawer), you will have to open the drawer, open the organizer box, take the accessory that you want, close the box, and then close the drawer again. With the wall mounted organizer, you only need to pick which one you like and off you go! It’s a really time saving practice, don’t you think?

The Basic Functions and Models

On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t always have to spend a fortune for the wall mounted jewelry organizer. There are some inexpensive (but effective) wall organizers from certain brands. But if you really want to have a unique and one-of-a-kind organizer, it doesn’t hurt to make one yourself. Simply make use of the available unused items around you in the most creative ways.

You can always make your own wall mounted jewelry organizer from a cork board and needles. Paint the cork board in any color that you like. You can also wrap it with your favorite fabric or paper. And simply stick the needles – you can have any random pattern or the lined one. You can place your ear rings, rings, bracelets, bangles, or necklaces on those needles.  Another quick DIY project is the old cheese grater. Paint the grater in any bold and bright color and simply hang it on the wall. You can also put a mesh in a stylishly painted frame and make use of the net construction to hang the ear rings. If you want to put the bracelets or rings or necklaces, stick the needles on the mesh and you are good to go.

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