Attaching the Shower Curtain Rod

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A good solution not to wet the floor of our bathroom every time we showered is to use a curtain. On this occasion we suggest placing a bar to it, just cut and adapt according to the measures we have between wall and wall. Then we detail the steps to take to put a shower curtain rod in the bathroom:

First to attaching the shower curtain rod you have to measure the distance between a wall and another to then carry the measure to the metal bar. We will play cut the part. If we seek to be as accurate as possible at the cut is best that we use a miter box and hand saw specific metals.

We note the points with the drilled hole and drill the holes. We will use a tungsten carbide drill precise diameter. We introduce the tacos with the hammer and will subject the bar with a few screws. The bar is inserted into the brackets and removes the protective plastic adhesive. Then you have to place the bracket on the wall and press hard. In this way we will have the shower curtain rod and can swim with the convenience of not wet the floor.

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