Attaching a LED Desk Lamp

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A LED desk lamp offers a convenient source of light for reading closely. Contrary to what happens with traditional lamps, these lamps are focused on an area’s small. They can be mounted on desks, some with movable arms, allowing the light source is adjusted. The type most common one found in the tables of architectural design. Anyone can benefit from using these lamps and their installation is not difficult.

Instructions to install LED desk lamp :

  1. Clean desk section where you will place the lamp. Measure the height of your desk to avoid obstructions and make sure the LED desk lamp fits the space. Locate an available electrical outlet.
  2. Remove the bulb from its packaging and mount it according to the instructions that came with your computer. Place a cushion of an inch (2.5 cm) at the point where the LED desk lamp will be mounted.
  3. Place the mount lamp in the cushion of a inch (2.5 cm). Carefully tighten the clamp until it is safe. Check the firmness of the frame by moving the lamp arm. If this is not firm, tighten the clamp again.
  4. Connect the lamp to the plug’s close. Try it by turning it on. Adjust the arms to focus light in the preferred area of the desktop.
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