Arc Floor Lamps Ideas

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Ideas for arc floor lamps – The popular archives arc floor lamps are a creation by designer Achille Castiglione. It was designed in 1962, giving the go-ahead to the curve for inspiration. It is a floor lamp that stands out for the impressive curvature of its steel arm, an impressive arch that creation takes its name. Part of a marble base Ratchet. There have been some limited collections, with a base of a different marble, black color. This marble base acts as a counterbalance, and its weight reaches about 65 kg.

The shade of the arc floor lamps retains the curved line which defines the entire design, a semi spherical poppet on aluminum. His arm is the most important aspect of creation, for their high aesthetic level, but especially for its high degree of functionality. Provides space on which you placed a significant direct light, but mainly fulfills a decorative mission. Fill the space in which it is located and puts a touch of elegance and distinction. It was originally designed considering the possibility that it could illuminate a dining table and can put some distance, so that the base will not clog diners.

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