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Anchor table lamp – If you are tired of buying the retail table lamps, consider making your own. The parts of a table lamp will not bust your wallet, and you can recycle or reuse household items or hardware leftover from other projects to make delicious and original anchor table lamp. With a little ingenuity, can be an everyday object becomes a creative lighting source for your home.

Instructions to create Anchor table lamp

Screw 1 foot long piece of copper pipe, copper pipe flange. These flanges are flat, circular and heavy and have a hole for screwing in the pipe in the middle. They are typically used to connect the pipe to the flat surfaces. Make sure the copper tube fits snugly in the flange — lift the combination of tube and shake it vigorously.

Slip the connector end of your light socket cord into the top of the tube. For it down through the tube and out the bottom of the flange. When you sit down assembly, it will lean to one side because of the cord.  Slide the light socket at the top of the copper pipe firmly in the tube — should be about ½-inch of the socket to be visible above the edge of the copper pipe. Remove the socket from the pipe, run a bead of glue around the inside edge of the pipe and replace the shelf in the pipe.  Remove your light bulb into the light socket and plug your anchor table lamp. If you like this industrial look, improve it by using a small globe bulb, a chandelier flickering lamp or un-frosted bulb so you can see the wires.

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