Aluminum Picket Fence Antiques

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Aluminum Picket Fence is one of the most popular types of home owners install. The fence from blocking the view looking at the same from both sides. This is why they are often refer to as a friendly neighbor’s fence. They not only look great but are great for defining your property and offer safety for pets and children without obstructing your view.

Many choose to Aluminum Picket Fence for a traditional wooden fence. Vinyl, sometimes referred to as PVC, made of hazardous materials that can be recycle. They are made by use two processes; mono-extrusion and co-extrusion. Mono-extruded fence contains twelve parts of titanium oxide and other materials while co-extruded containing titanium oxide on the outer level. Co-extruded PVC fence often tend to show scratches when peeled because the underlying layer is a different color.

The strongest and most durable Aluminum Picket Fence produced is a mono-extruder. When scratch it does not indicate a different color because all the ingredients are mix together and not in separate layers. Many manufactures including Titanium Dioxide which has ultraviolet inhibitors to keep the white PVC and prevent yellowing. Before purchasing the PVC products good idea to discuss with the manufacturer. Of the type of process use and to verify the Titanium Dioxide is use in the process.

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