Affordable Types of Wood Fences Garden

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Types of wood fences – we all like to enjoy our garden or our terrace without the discomfort of having to keep an eye on other people’s eyes. Well, billboards are the best way to get privacy and security.  In addition, a good wooden fence is cheaper than building a wall and requires much less maintenance than a hedge.  For all this, we recommend below . What ideal types of fences will help you isolate yourself from the outside. And then will give your garden a more collected and colorful.

There are numerous styles of fences in an infinite diversity of materials. Among which types of wood fences and metal stand out. In this sense, we recommend the most usual option for this type of constructions. Which is none other than the prepared panel.  These wooden panels are market at various heights and in various forms – horizontally, vertically or interlaced. And are very economical and simple to install between poles well anchored and evenly spaced between them.

Before coating these panels with types of wood fences slats. It is necessary to construct a structure form by posts that will be join with two or three crossbeams.  When choosing the poles, It is advisable to opt for a durable. And corrosion resistant material, although the most economical is to use pressure treated softwood.

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