Acrylic Coffee Table Ideas

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Acrylic coffee table is recommended to you for simple living room design with attractive design to as the place to keep coffee and magazine. The acrylic panels are crystal clear and appear. The positive side is that it is much more resistant than glass. You do not have to worry about breaking it, especially if you have small children at home. You can make your own table acrylic and faster than you think. Clean the table with a cloth and warm water with mild soap. Allow to dry completely before the next step.

Acrylic coffee table paints it the color you want. Pint figures, swirls, names or any design you like. Allow the paint to dry for 4 hours before applying the epoxy. Use rubber gloves when working with epoxy. Mix the two parts of epoxy. Read the instructions in the manufacturer for the process. 1 mixture of the resin and at least two parts of the hardener. Add a little more hardener to make sure acrylic harden properly. Stir the mixture well. Pour the epoxy in the middle of the table. Spread evenly to cover it completely with plastic spatula. Make sure you get to the corners and cover it completely. Use a little more epoxy mixture if necessary to form a 1/4 inch layer.

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